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Tiffany Haidon is the founding partner of Uxbridge Community Midwives. After moving to the Uxbridge area in 2006, she recognized the need for accessible midwifery services in the community. She submitted a successful proposal to the Ontario Ministry of Health and opened the clinic in November 2008. Since then, Tiffany has worked tirelessly to build the practice into what it is today. She is proud to run a clinic that engages with the local community in such a meaningful and rewarding way.


Tiffany is a prominent member of the midwifery community, currently serving as president of the College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO), as a preceptor for Ontario's Midwifery Education Programme, and also as Chief Midwife at Markham-Stouffville Hospital. As a passionate advocate for increased accessibility to midwifery care, Tiffany participates with organizations that promote the education and training of future generations of midwives.


Before becoming a midwife, Tiffany practiced as an Obstetrical Nurse for 8 years at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. After graduating with Honours in Health Sciences (Midwifery) at Ryerson University in 2002, she practiced for 6 years at The Midwives Collective of Toronto, a very busy practice in downtown Toronto. She maintains competency in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR and Emergency Skills.


Tiffany is a passionate traveler, spending her holidays exploring the world and amassing great stories about her adventures. Never one to rest on her laurels, she is currently pursuing a Master's Degree of Global Health Policy with the University of London, England. Tiffany is certified in open water diving (which is a new passion) and that she especially loves French Polynesia and Indonesia diving. Tiffany is also a certified yoga teacher and takes great joy in promoting the benefits of yet another great tradition!



Janis Dalacker's interest in pregnancy and childbirth began as a child, with the story of her father’s birth into the hands of a midwife at a "Hebammenschule" or Midwifery school, in southern Germany. She learned more about the profession in 1993 during her second pregnancy, and found comfort in the care of midwives for her last three pregnancies and births.


Janis began her midwife training in 2004, and graduated from Ryerson University with Honours in Health Sciences (Midwifery) in 2009. She then practiced at Thames Valley Midwives, serving urban and rural communities in London, Woodstock, Norwich and surrounding areas. An interesting highlight of this placement was her work with the large Amish community in the area.


In 2011, Janis joined Uxbridge Community Midwives and has been with us ever since! She maintains membership with a number of esteemed organizations within the midwifery community, including the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM), Society of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists (SOGC), the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM) and the College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO). Janis has been a preceptor for Ontario’s Midwifery Education Programme since 2011. She often performs as surgical first assistant during cesarean section procedures, and considers this skill as one of her specialties.


In her spare time, Janis loves to explore Canada's wilderness with her lovely family. When she's not on call, you might find her relaxing at her family cottage in Northern Ontario or embarking on an RV adventure across the country! She's also an avid reader and loves to knit.



Anna Trippel was thrilled to join the team at Uxbridge Community Midwives in October 2014, following her graduation with Honours in Health Sciences (Midwifery) at Ryerson University. Anna completed her midwifery training at Riverdale Community Midwives and Kensington Midwives, two downtown Toronto practices that service a culturally diverse clientele and maintain a 50% home birth rate. She has also worked with the Toronto Birth Centre, where she gained experience practicing full scope.


Anna is originally from New Brunswick, where she practiced as a registered nurse (RN) prior to pursuing midwifery. She has always had a strong desire to utilize her clinical knowledge and skills in a maternal and infant health context, outside of the traditional medical model of care. Midwifery has been a wonderful avenue for this pursuit. Anna is a registered midwife with the College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) and maintains current certification in CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, Emergency Skills and Fetal Health Surveillance.


Anna was caught by a midwife in Switzerland and has fond memories of her parents recalling the gentle and empowering experience they shared together. She is honoured to help shape your experiences throughout pregnancy and childbirth by providing holistic, autonomous and family-centred care. Anna is passionate about increasing access to midwifery and respectful health care for families living in rural and semi-rural environments. She hopes to eventually return to the Maritimes to contribute to the growth of midwifery in communities that would greatly benefit from this remarkable profession.


When not catching babies, Anna enjoys volunteering at the Uxbridge Public Library and Youth Centre and spending time in Toronto's Kensington Market. She also enjoys outdoor pursuits, exploring Durham Regional Forest, and travelling.



Allanah Shah started her journey as an advocate for family-centered care through McMaster University's Midwifery Education Program in 2012 and graduated with a B.H.Sc in Midwifery. She always wanted to work in a health care profession, and was delighted to learn of midwifery as a profession which aims to provide safe and evidence-based clinical care while focusing on the personalised needs of each client and their family.


Throughout her training, Allanah had the opportunity to work with families across Ontario, as well as in Mumbai, India where she worked in a maternity hospital alongside doctors and nurses providing care for low-income women. Although she is fluent in Hindi which was helpful during her placement, she was humbled by the realisation that care, compassion and solidarity have a language of their own. She aims to encompass this idea into the care she provides to all clients.


Continuity of care is especially important to Allanah and is what brought her to midwifery. She loves to get to know clients and families, and feels very honoured to witness the birth of new relationships. Allanah is also passionate about informed choice and enjoys being able to support clients in choosing care that best meets their needs.


When she is not on call, Allanah loves to travel, dance, and spend time with family and friends. Allanah has recently moved from Mississauga and is very excited to be working with the Uxbridge Community Midwives.





Kaitlynn Daniel received a B.H.Sc. in Midwifery through the McMaster Midwifery Education Program in 2017. Prior to studying Midwifery, Kaitlynn graduated from the University of Guelph in 2011 with a B.A.S. in Nutrition and International Development. Kaitlynn developed a passion for relational clinical care with a women-centered focus through her involvement in health care provision in Ecuador and Uruguay. She was drawn to midwifery because of its unique emphasis on continuity of care, client-centered care and informed choice given to clients.


Kaitlynn was born and raised in York Region and is excited to continue her involvement in a community close to home. During her training, Kaitlynn completed placements at Southlake Regional Healthcare Centre, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Markham Stouffville Hospital as well as several other communities across Southern Ontario; finishing her final year with Uxbridge Community Midwives. Kaitlynn in a Registered Midwife with the College of Midwives of Ontario, certified in CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, Emergency Skills, Advances in Labour and Risk Management and Fetal Health Surveillance.


In her spare time Kaitlynn loves adventuring outdoors, whether she is hiking, camping, canoeing, surfing or rock climbing. She is an avid traveler and loves playing sports!







Alison Corr joined our practice in January 2013 as Administrative Assistant.


Alison's background includes certification as an Ophthalmic Technician. She also taught CPR for over 25 years and is a certified Pet First Aid/CPR instructor.


Alison has three sons, three grandchildren and three dogs. She is enjoying being apart of the team at Uxbridge Community Midwives and looks forward to welcoming you to our clinic.































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