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How We Practice


Prenatal Care

Prenatal care plays an important role in preventing and detecting problems that can arise in pregnancy. Our care includes the monitoring of fetal growth, fetal heart rate and position, urinalysis, blood pressure, and the general health of mother and baby. We can provide counselling and advice on pregnancy testing, discomforts, and the social and emotional aspects of pregnancy. Your partner is welcome to attend the visits with you and we request that partners attend at least once. If you are planning for siblings to participate at the birth, please have them attend the visits on occasion. Appointments are approximately 30 minutes long and are scheduled in the following manner:


  • Every four weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every week until birth


A midwife is available to you 24/7 for urgent pregnancy concerns. If a medical concern arises at any time during your care, your midwife will consult the appropriate specialist.


Labour & Birth

During labour, your midwife will assess your progress, monitor your vital signs, monitor fetal heart rate, assist in the birth of the infant and placenta, examine the baby and assess the mother's condition postpartum. We also provide emotional support, information and guidance to the woman and her family. A second midwife attends the birth for the second stage of labour, birth and immediate postpartum.


Postnatal Care

We make at least four postnatal visits, as needed in the first two weeks after delivery. The first three visits are provided to you at home or in hospital; the fourth visit usually takes place at our clinic. We will help you with breastfeeding, newborn bathing and care, as well as the newborn screening test and infant hearing test.


If you give birth in the hospital and both baby and mom are stable, you may go home within 3-4 hours. We arrive within 24 hours for the first home visit. Should any problems arise, we are available on a 24 hour on-call basis. A final six week checkup with mother and baby takes place at our clinic. Uxbridge Community Midwives will then send a summary of your course of care to your family physician and/or nurse practitioner.



Excellent care and support. This meant so much to me. Very confident that I had the best support and care.


Everything from prenatal visits to birth and postpartum care was very well organized by Uxbridge Midwives. Thanks to their excellent care, I had an amazing experience during labour, birth, and postpartum period. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, caring and understanding healthcare provider.



The postpartum care we received was amazing. I can’t think of a single thing that could be improved upon.
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