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Who Are We


Uxbridge Community Midwives is located on Campbell Drive in Uxbridge, Ontario. We offer services to women living in Uxbridge and surrounding communities both inside and outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA): from Markham, Stouffville and Mount Albert, to Keswick and the South Shores of Lake Simcoe, over to Port Perry and Brooklin.


We attend births at home, or at Markham Stouffville Hospital.


There is no cost to you for midwifery care in Ontario – it is covered by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. You may call at any time during your pregnancy, but it is best to call early to increase your chances of finding your midwife in a timely manner. It is not necessary to get a doctor’s referral to our office.


About the Clinic


The team at Uxbridge Community Midwives work in a primary call model. One midwife will be assigned to you as your primary midwife, responsible for co-ordinating your care. A second midwife will be present at your birth, who you will meet throughout your pregnancy as well.


Should your primary midwife be unavailable due to off-call time, illness or attending another birth, then one of the other midwives you have met will act as your primary midwife.


In very rare circumstances, the unavailability of midwives may necessitate women planning a home birth coming to hospital to give birth.


We are a teaching practice which provides clinical placements for students of the Ontario University Midwifery Education Programme. Students with varying skill levels work with us over an extended period of time, allowing women to become familiar with them.


Because of the importance of educating more midwives to serve Ontario’s women, we encourage you to have students involved in your care. However, we fully respect your needs to meet and feel comfortable with any student who may be involved with you, and to decline student involvement in any aspect of your care. Students are closely supervised according to their level of education in the Midwifery Education Programme. Of course, your midwife is ultimately responsible for your care.


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